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Angella Bundz

Angella Bundz: Baker/Creator/Owner

I have been blessed to have baked and cooked most of my life. I was in a national cooking contest in high school. This is when I knew I could do this well. God blessed me with a mother and grandmother who taught me and modeled for me excellent baking skills and the joy of enjoying good food together.

Baking is there for all different times in life—be it celebrating, gathering for conversation, or grieving.

Bundt Cakes with Love: A Survivor's Story

As a breast cancer survivor, our family understands the importance of cherishing life's moments. I find great fulfillment in connecting with people and offering them warmth and care. Bringing joy to others is a true passion of mine, and I believe that cake, with its comforting essence, holds a special place in that endeavor. Our family has cherished a bundt cake recipe for years, and I delight in sharing its deliciousness with those around me. It would be my sincere pleasure to extend my hospitality and kindness to you through Kindness Bakehouse.

Making Bundt Cake

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