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Menu & Flavors

Browse through our menu and discover the perfect bundt cakes and cookies for any occasion. We can't wait to tantalize your taste buds!

Bundt Cake Flavors

Bundt cakes can have a vanilla or chocolate glaze or powdered sugar on top.

10-inch bundt cake- Serves 12-18. $ 38

This will be in a bakery box. It can be enjoyed by you or ready for gifting to someone else.

Bundlets- Individual bundt cakes. $4 each.

These will be in individual containers. These are ready to be enjoyed or gifted to someone else. Minimum order of 5. 

Mini Bundt cakes- These are 2 ½ inches. They are $2 each. There is a minimum order of 12. 12 will cost $24.

These will be a box. Ready to be enjoyed or gifted to someone. 

2-Tiered Bundt cake- An 8-inch cake over a 10-inch cake. Starting at $65.

This will be packaged for you to enjoy or gift to someone. 

3-Tiered Bundt Cake- A 6-inch cake over an 8-inch over a 10-inch cake. Starting at $90.

This will be packaged to enjoy or gift. 

House-shaped Bundt Cake. $35. This is great for Real estate Agents or an Open House, etc.

This will be in a bakery box for you to enjoy or to gift to someone. 


Bundt Cake Flavors




Red Velvet



White Chocolate Coconut

Banana Chocolate Chip


Seasonal and Flavors of the Month:

Pumpkin Spice

Cookie Butter


Cookies and Cream

Chocolate Peppermint



Cookie Prices:

12 mini cookies for $10 in a box.

2 regular size cookies in a cellophane bag with ribbon for $4

Other options can be discussed.

Cookie Flavors

Chocolate Chip


Lemon Blueberry


Dessert Tables in your home or at a party/event. Start at $250


Order Now for Delicious Bundt Cakes from Kindness Bakehouse!

Order today to indulge in the delectable sweetness of Kindness Bakehouse's exceptional confections! We craft superior bundt cakes and fresh cookies by selecting only the finest premium ingredients.

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