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Angella Bundz - Sharing Love Through Baking at Kindness Bakehouse

Updated: Mar 23

At Kindness Bakehouse, Angella Bundz pours her heart into every recipe, creating more than just delicious treats – she's sharing her love and resilience with each bite. From learning to bake with her mom and grandma to overcoming breast cancer, Angella's journey has shaped her passion for spreading joy through baking.

Growing up, Angella soaked in the wisdom of her family's kitchen, where baking wasn't just about making food, but about making memories. Her natural talent for baking blossomed during a high school cooking contest, revealing her true calling: to bring comfort and happiness through her creations.

Life's challenges, including her battle with breast cancer, have only strengthened Angella's resolve to spread kindness through baking. She understands the importance of finding joy in life's simple pleasures and believes in the healing power of a warm slice of cake shared with loved ones.

At Kindness Bakehouse, Angella invites you to experience the warmth and love baked into every treat. Each recipe tells a story of resilience and hope, reminding us that kindness can sweeten even the toughest days.

Join us at Kindness Bakehouse to taste Angella's delicious treats and feel the love she pours into each bite. Whether you're celebrating or seeking comfort, our bakery is here to serve you with warmth and kindness, just like Angella intended. Because at Kindness Bakehouse, every treat is a reminder that love and sweetness go hand in hand.

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